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Welcome to the RockyRust Store!

💨 How it works 💨

Choose your server above to view available packages click on them and you will be redirected to a page with more information on what is included and how long this membership is valid. Make sure you have selected the right server as it is not transferrable.

We also have a variety of ONE-TIME purchases available. Go to the ONE TIME PACKS category to browse them.

Once you chose your desired package simply click "buy", now you can choose if to add it to the cart or if you want to gift it to a friend.

Now you are redirected to the shopping cart and checkout where you can pick your desired payment method and make the purchase!

👌 Fast Claiming 👌

After the payment is confirmed, your package will be added to your in-game and Discord (option) accounts automatically and within 30 seconds.


We currently support the following popular payment methods:

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We also have another 30+ different, location specific payment methods!

Select your country @ checkout.

To pay in skins or crypto please message st4tic#0001 on Discord.
Additional fees may apply for crypto and skin payments*


Please note that purchasing more than one package will only give you the rewards for the most recently purchase package. Refunds for accidental purchases are not provided.